Peter Michael Enterprises
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Peter Michael began his career at Kodak Australia where he worked on the manufacture of photographic film and paper whilst studying industrial chemistry at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Some years later Peter Michael Enterprises was set up and commenced the manufacture of photographic equipment for the processing of black & white and colour film/paper. Due to a considerable shortage of professional standard Australian made processing equipment being available there was an immediate equipment requirement from professional photographers, photographic processing laboratories and Government Departments throughout Australia.

In 1979 Peter Michael Enterprises set up one of the first One hour Fast Service Photo Shop Mini Laboratories in Australia which soon developed into a chain of six outlets.

When school darkrooms reached prominence in the secondary school education system it became obvious there was a need for technical expertise in the design, layout and fit-out supplies for school student darkrooms.

A prime area of the Peter Michael Enterprises manufacturing organisation is now dedicated to the design and production of darkroom equipment, supplying everything from a chemically resistant faucet to a complete darkroom facility servicing a class of thirty students.

A large range of secondary schools and government departments in Australia now have either darkroom equipment or complete darkroom facilities provided by Peter Michael Enterprises.

If David Attenborough can do it . . .

you don't have to be mad but...

Like many people who are serious about their photography, Peter is always looking for that little bit extra in a composition. Unlike most other photographers, Peter also has a passion for birds of prey and eagles in particular but he isn't content to simply wander around with a pair of binoculars and a notebook. So when your photographic speciality happens to be Australian raptors then, sometimes, you just have to go out on a limb to get that special shot.

Over the years, Peter has developed his techniques and equipment for photographing birds of prey and naturally, he processes all of his films in his own well-equipped darkroom.

Square-tailed Kite

The bird in the photograph is a Square-tailed Kite (Lophoictinia isura), one of Australia's rare and elusive birds of prey. It prefers to live and hunt along smaller watercourses where its favourite prey comprises insects, reptiles and nestling birds.